Vidmate v5.0.89

VidMateIn this era of technology we all know that spreading information through media is as easy as clicking on a button. Nowadays videos are supposed to be the most preferable form of information that internet offers. Be it a movie or a news report or anything, we are totally indulged into this form of media i.e. Videos. At the same time there are many websites which do not provide you options to download the content which is seen as a major drawback. This article has the answer to this drawback – Vidmate. It has the capability to make all available online media within your reach by downloading it from a website. It allows not just videos, but also allows the download of movies and music at the click of a button.

It supports over a thousand websites and the source does not has to be a streaming website. The website which it support include Facebook, youtube, tumblr etc. With an easy user interface Vidmate app contains the icons of all the websites which it supports in its home screen. The feature that makes it more flexible and convenient is that it allows you to convert downloaded videos into MP3 or MP4 which eliminates the usage of third party apps. It also lets you choose the quality of the download .it has all the exceptional qualities that meets the requirements of a user. It is compatible with your computers as well as Android devices too.

Features of Vidmate v5.0.89

  • Low download size
  • Download quality selection
  • Compatible with PCs and android devices
  • Supports over a thousand websites
  • Easy conversion into MP3 or MP4
  • Easy user interface
  • Convenient

How to download Vidmate v5.0.89?

You can download the Vidmate app from the given below link-

Download Vidmate

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