Vidmate v3.64

VidMateIt is quite difficult to download the mp4 of a music video or any specific video. VidMate is an application which allows you to download videos from any sites without any cost. VidMate even allows you to choose the quality of the video from most of the websites. It has many options of the website consisting of online videos, so that you don’t have to search much. One of the best applications which allows you to download any kind of video from any website without worrying about the quality of the video or the type of website.

Features of Vidmate v3.64

Some of the best features of VidMate are stated below.

  • The download speed of the videos is higher than the ones that you download from the browser.
  • It has a simple user friendly interface which one can easily use without much problem.
  • Even if the video is not from YouTube, one can still download the video from other sites that are provided by the application.
  • If the video is from YouTube, then VidMate gives you the option to download the video in any format.
  • It even has the feature which allows you to save the audio of the mp4, if you want.
  • All the sites that are shown on VidMate are trusted and verified sites. You can download the mp4 without worrying about any viruses or other malfunction to occur in your device due to the website.

How to download Vidmate v3.64?

You can easily download the application from the link provided below.

Download Vidmate

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