Vidmate v3.47

VidMateVidmate is an android application of gene .apk file type which is best and million times downloaded mobile application. As we are aware that the official video streaming sites won’t allowd downloads due to inner source code embeddedness which includes Youtube, Dailymotion etc., But in-order-to make this process easier vidmate allows downloads from all official video streaming sites with just a click. Since vidmate is an apk application android only allows it to function in android devices. It is well known for its agility of response in all network conditions.

Features of Vidmate v3.47

  • Vidmate application not only allows video downloads but also music.
  • The application of Vidmate works efficiently in all types of internet conditions of 2G or 3G.
  • The first and foremost point regarding vidmate is it is free of cost application providing high definition video downloads.
  • Best and quite attracting interface is the most notable feature of this application which is mainly responsible for attracting users.
  • User need to worry about his private browsing issues since it provides incognito browsing  for private browsing.
  • No specific verification or license is required from any site in-order-to download videos using this application.
  • Official sites of youtube, vimeo, dailymotion allows downloads by operating through vidmate application.
  • The most astonishing feature of this app is that it can support live streaming in high definition clarity.
  • Downloads can be done in different formats and different qualities using this application.

How to download Vidmate v3.47?

Don’t delay. To download this application click the link given in the article in order to download vidmate application and install it in your device and download numerous videos and movies.

Download Vidmate

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