Vidmate 3.77

VidMateVidmate is an app that allows it’s users to download their desired online videos so they can watch it anywhere and anytime. This app saves a lot of time, you also don’t need to have internet connection everytime you want to watch your desired videos. The app allows you to download video from Dailymotion to even YouTube. What else do we need in an app? The app has a virtual library where all the downloaded videos get saved making it easier to find. The app also allows you to download TV series, music videos and songs. You can even download HD quality video to your Android phones with this app.

Features of Vidmate v3.77

  • Fast- Vidmate provides its users 200% more download speed when compared to other apps.
  • Unlimited- Vidmate users can download unlimited high definition movies on to their devices.
  • High quality- The app allows you to download high-quality music making your music experience better.
  • User-friendly interface- Vidmate has a user-friendly interface that allows all its users to access and use the app without any issues and helps them understand the functioning of the app better.
  • Pause download- This feature allows the user to pause their download and resume according to their convenience.
  • Live TV- The app has over 200 channels streaming live TV and users with the vidmate app can use this live TV feature.
  • Multiple downloads- The app allows you to make multiple downloads simultaneously. This helps the user to save time and finish as many downloads as they like all simultaneously.

How to Download Vidmate?

The link to download Vidmate is given below. Click on the link to start the download of Vidmate.

Download Vidmate

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