VidMate V2.25

VidMateStream all of your favorite movies and TV shows on your smart phone for free now with the latest version of the VidMate app. VidMate is one of the fastest growing entertainment apps in the world right now and it has all the media content that you can search for. The app is free for all android users and you can download the app for free of cost. There are no subscription fees on this app store so you do not have to pay anything to stream high quality media content on your phone.

If you like Hollywood then this app is for you because it is an all in one entertainment app which has different sections for movies, TV shows, Soundtracks and much more. You can also get to know all the news related to the show business using this app. You do not need o root your android phone before installing the VidMate app, it works with any regular android device. You can also download all the media content that you stream on this app and then share it with other android devices or your friends.

VidMate has a very simple user interface and it has a great collection of movies and TV shows that you can watch from. VidMate is set out to replace all the existing entertainment apps that you may have on your phone because it has superior features and there is no subscription fees as well. You can use the VidMate app on a number of devices ranging from smart phones all the way up to smart TVs. You can stream TV shows, movies, soundtracks and much more using the VidMate app on your phone.

Download VidMate V2.25

  • First of all Download VidMate V2.25
  • Install the downloaded apk file on your phone
  • Run VidMate V2.25 and stream your favorite movies and TV shows for free on your phone!


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