VidMate V2.14

VidMateVidMate is the ultimate entertainment app that you must have in your android smart phone if you love watching the latest movies and TV shows on your phone. You can stream all sorts of media content on your phone using the VidMate app for free, yes the VidMate app is absolutely fee to be used on any android device. There are no hidden subscription fees for using the VidMate app. You can also download all the media content that you stream on this app on your smart phone to stream later anytime.

The VidMate app is one of the most popular entertainment apps right now because of its great features that you get for no cost at all. Streaming is always a good option to have because you do not want the internal storage of your device to fill up too quickly and you need to download any movie or TV show, you can do that as well to stream anytime after when you do not have internet.

VidMate gives you the greatest bang for your buck, the user interface of the app is very simple, the ads are very minimal and you will hardly notice them and you can find the greatest movies in its library. You also get notified every time there is a video or soundtrack you might be interested in. The VidMate app is very social as well, it has a meme page where you can share a meme or any photo to other users of the app and they can vote it up or down to make it popular among other users of the app. You can download the VidMate on any regular android app, no root required.

Download VidMate V2.14

  • Download VidMate V2.14
  • Open the file manager on your phone and install the downloaded APK file
  • Open the VidMate app and start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.


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