VidMate V2.06

VidMateDo you like watching movies on your phone like most people nowadays? If you do then you know the cost of renting movies that you stream on your phone can add up pretty quickly and get expensive. Most entertainment apps charge a monthly fee and still do not provide all the newest movies but if you want the real experience, download VidMate V2.06 on your android!

VidMate is one of a kind entertainment app for android devices, it lets you stream movies, TV shows, Songs and much more. You have tons of new content every day on this app and the best part of using VidMate to stream movies is that it is absolutely free to use on any android device, there are no hidden subscription fees and nether are there any restrictions on how much content you can stream on your device.

You have an additional feature on VidMate that you do not get on any other entertainment app which is the download feature. You can choose to download any media content that you see on VidMate, take it offline and stream it anytime you want. The latest movies are available on this app that you can stream in full high definition without buying or renting.

VidMate can be downloaded and installed on any regular android device, you do not root your phone it before you install it. The app takes up minimal space and it also has a community tab where you can find memes uploaded by other users of the app and other interactive content. You can also stream the popular TV shows on your phone using this app and it can easily replace your TV.

Download VidMate V2.06 Android

  • Download VidMate V2.06
  • Open the folder containing the downloaded APK
  • Install the VidMate app and start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows for free!


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