Vidmate v4.0.5

VidMateWhat do you do for watching videos online? Do you waste your time by going to each and every site for watching their specialty videos? Well, this thing can be time taking and tiring as well. You can not visit every site for watching the videos. Instead, you can download Vidmate and watch all the videos without browsing many websites. The content you will get on Vidmate will not be the original of Vidmate.  Instead,  the app hosts videos of other sites so there is no original series or anything you can expect from the app however you can watch the videos of other sites easily. Be it an app, be it any genre, here in Vidmate, you can watch the videos of almost every possible genre without stucking anywhere. Also, one more good thing is that you can download the videos from Vidmate of every site and can share it with your friends and family. Yes, even if we talk about Instagram which does not allow us to download the videos, you can do that as well from Vidmate.  The app will not be available on Google Play Store. You need to download this app from here. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.0.5”

Vidmate v4.0.4

VidMateWatching videos are now famous and one easy thing to do. We all use social media and actually using social media has influenced our life the most. We nowadays prefer doing things we learn online. And watching videos can be a great way to do that. But the problem arises when we can not download the videos to watch them later. Of course, if we like something, we would want to save the video to learn how to do it later. But in many apps, this function is not even allowed. But then you can use an app called Vidmate. Yes, the app is all about watching the videos and downloading them to watch later. Yes, the videos you will see on the app will not be only from one app but multiple videos streaming websites and apps. Vidmate only hosts videos from different websites. They are not the one who makes original series of anything. But here, you can watch the videos from different apps on the same app so you do not need to use different apps for watching different things. You can rely on Vidmate instead. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.0.4”

Vidmate v4.0.2

VidMateWant to download videos from the websites you stream them? Then don’t wait for them to add a download button for you. They are never gonna do that for you. But still, you can download those videos easily in a single click. Vidmate can be a helpful app for this. This app would let you download all videos you stream on websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion etc. It would not charge anything from you to download videos and even to use Vidmate app. This is absolutely free.  The app is compatible with all platforms.

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Vidmate v4.0.1

VidMateVideos are easy to grab. You can understand the video and be it a literate or not, everyone can watch the video. But can we download all the videos? Well, actually not. We can not download all the videos easily. Why? Because in many apps, you don’t have the permission from the makers to download that video. But if you use vidmate, you can download the videos. How? Vidmate is an app which can let you download different videos from different websites. You just have to be on one app, vidmate and you’ll get the videos from all the different websites. Talking about originality, vidmate doesn’t have their own videos. They have the videos taken from different websites so don’t expect anything extra from the app. If you think that you will be charged for downloading the videos, then no, you’ll not be charged a single penny for watching or downloading or sharing the video. The service is free of cost for everyone. There is no premium subscription available too. So you can simply download the app from the given download details here. For downloading the app, let us see how to do it from the given article.

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Vidmate v 4.0.0

VidMateVidmate is an app to download videos you want. Many times it happens with us that we want to download a particular video but are not able to because of restriction of that video site. Vidmate would still download it for you. Just get the app and stream any video on your video websites and get a download option for all. This would make it easy for you to save the videos for later in your device. This app is available for free, so there are no restrictions to download Videos. The app is available for various platforms, you can download it in any device you want.

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Vidmate v3.98

VidMateIn this tech-savvy era, people are so much into technology that most of the things they do are on the internet only. In fact, the internet has replaced the TV as well. Now people are more interested in watching episodes, funny videos on the Internet than the TV. And all these things can be done through videos you watch on social media and various video streaming websites. However, it is a time taking the task as you need to surf many different apps and websites for watching videos of different niches. But this problem can be solved by downloading Vidmate which is also a video streaming app. But the app does not make videos. It instead hosts the videos of other apps and sites. Here, you will watch videos from different apps and sites. Plus, you can also download them all and share it with anyone you want to. You can also do the live streaming of various channels over this app. Apart from these, you can watch all the videos in one app so that you don’t need so many apps in your smartphone. Just download Vidmate which will be enough to watch videos of different apps. Continue reading “Vidmate v3.98”

Vidmate v3.97

VidMateThis application allows us to download videos so easily. With this amazing video downloader, you can anytime, anywhere download any video you want. Vidmate is one of the best video downloaders. It allows us to download videos from anywhere, you can download them from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, MetaCafe and many other. With this, you can also download all videos on YouTube. YouTube doesn’t allow us to download all the videos we want, through VidMate we can do that. Vidmate also downloads your file at much faster speed. You can download them in any format you want. You can download them in HD if you want, and in low quality, if you don’t have enough space in your device. This application is best for downloading videos as it doesn’t charge anything for downloading them. Overall it comes with a simple and easy interface, so downloading videos is very easy with this app. Once you start using this application, you definitely love it. Continue reading “Vidmate v3.97”

Vidmate v3.96

VidMateIn today’s tech world, people like watching videos as they are short and one can understand the story better in the videos as compared to the written words. They are easy to understand and easy to read indeed. And now there are so many websites to watch video from that we often get confused from where to watch it because every website has a different concept or genre video and we really would like to watch them all. Isn’t it? If you are going through the same issue, there is an app for you where you can watch all the videos from different websites in the same place. Amazing, isn’t it? Well for that, you need to download an app Vidmate where you can watch all the videos from different websites hassle free.  You just need to download it. Downloading can be done by clicking on continue reading.  Continue reading “Vidmate v3.96”

Vidmate v3.95

VidMateWe all use YouTube to watch videos. While using it, we have also desired to download that videos in our PCs or phones. Unfortunately, YouTube has not given any option to download the videos we watch.  For this, Vidmate has been designed. Vidmate is an app that allows us to download such videos which we want to watch later. Vidmate not only helps you in downloading videos from YouTube but it also gives you an option of download for sites like, Dailymotion, SoundCloud etc. This app also offers you to choose the quality of video at your own.

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Vidmate v3.93

VidMateWatching videos can be fun and nowadays people only watch videos because one can watch them easily. All you need to do is to visit those websites and watch the videos. But it is indeed time taking as you really have to visit each and every site and then watch the video you like which takes a lot of time. Can’t we see all the apps in one place? Well, how can we watch all the videos in one place? It is possible through an app called Vidmate. The app will allow you to watch all the videos from different websites in one place. You just need to download the app and watch the videos you like. The best part of this app is that you can watch the other news channels as well and also you can download the videos and watch them later. The app is indeed the best app as you can download the app and watch and download the videos from all other video streaming apps.  Continue reading “Vidmate v3.93”