Vidmate v3.92

VidMateWe all enjoy watching videos. Specially on video based websites such as YouTube. But, the problem is that these sites don’t allow us to download videos directly. It doesn’t provide any download button or feature. This is really upsetting for all video watchers. Vidmate is an app that helps you in such cases. This app has been designed to provide a facility to users to download the videos they watch or want to watch on sites which doesn’t give any download option. It makes it easy to download videos and even with the quality you want. You can choose the quality of videos before downloading them to your device.

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Vidmate v3.90

VidMateHow often do you watch videos? Well, most of us nowadays only watch videos instead of reading as we find watching more interesting and easy. In fact, if you watch something, you will get it for a longer period of time and you will not forget the concept as compared to if you read an article. And the more we like watching, more we like downloading them and sharing with our friends and family. But how? There are many apps where you can not download the video or can do but is not easy to download or you may get some unwanted technical issue due to which you can not download. But there is an app through which you can download the videos no matter what site it is. You just have to download the app we are talking about in your device. The app is called Vidmate and the specialty of the app is that you can watch all the videos of different websites in one place also. You just have to download and watch. You can also do live streaming of channels as well.  Continue reading “Vidmate v3.90”

Vidmate v3.89

VidMateVideos has become a daily and important part of our life. Daily we come across hundreds of videos, out of which some them we consider re-watchable and useful. But, problem is that when we try to download such videos in our device, we are not able to do it on every website. Vidmate allows us to download videos in such situations. For instance, whenever we use YouTube, we doesn’t get any option to download videos we watch here Vidmate helps us and let us download that particular or set of videos. This app not only supports YouTube, but also many popular websites.

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Vidmate v3.87

VidMateWhile browsing internet, You come across many videos which we want to save. It could be any tutorial video, or any other random video which you want to share with our friends. However, the problem is not all website hosting these videos allow to download them. These videos can be downloaded, the solution is Vidmate. It is an app or we may say video downloader app which let us to download any type of videos from all popular platforms. This app us quite easy for anyone who is using it first time. You can download the app on various platforms.

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Vidmate 3.85

VidMateVidmate app is an app that makes it possible to download those videos, which you were able to watch on various sites, but wasn’t able to download. We visits many websites, which does not have download options for videos. The biggest example bof such website is YouTube, as it does not allow us to download any video. Vidmate fortunately exists and helps us to download these videos within a click. It is one of the popular app for videos. This app is available for free and can be run on any platform. The app supports multiple languages for easy localization.

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Vidmate 3.84

VidMatethis application helps us to download different videos and movies in different qualities from all the official video streaming sites. This was the best-downloaded application of the time. Official video streaming sites like you tube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc., allows downloads through this application. This app serves as best platform for multi-purpose services. This is a small application with less background data but works more efficient than any other app. This application is of gene apk. This is available only in Android devices.

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Vidmate 3.83

VidMateVidmate is one of the most popular application available on Android for downloading videos. It is packed with features and can download video from any website including Youtube. You can also download and watch the latest TV series and movies on the app. The app stands apart from the rest of the competition.

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Vidmate 3.82

VidMateIt is a huge platform which allows you to download any video you want. It is the best application for downloading online videos anytime and anytime. It is
the fastest video downloading platform. You can download videos directly from Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and many other platforms. It also allows you to download the video in any quality you want, if you want to download HD videos you can do that and if you don’t have much space in your device, it also gives you the option to download in low quality. It also has a virtual library, the videos you download will get collected in this library, so you can directly open it and check all your downloaded videos. You can easily download the restricted videos as well, on YouTube, there are many videos which you cannot download directly from YouTube, this platform allows you to download those videos as well. This application is a great platform that comes with an easy and simple interface and that allows you to download any video you want easily. Continue reading “Vidmate 3.82”

Vidmate 3.79

VidMateIt is one of the best and most popular video downloaders. It is a great tool through which we can download any kind of videos so easily. Vidmate is a
great platform which allows us to download videos from sites like, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and many other. It allows you to download your
favorite videos from almost any site. Vidmate also allows you to download the restricted videos from sites ike  YouTube. We see there are many videos on YouTube that we cannot download. Vidmate allows us to download those videos also. And we can also choose our quality of video while downloading if we don’t have enough space in our device we can download the low-quality videos. It also supports Hd so you can download Hd videos as well. Vidmate provides you wide varieties to choose from, it provides you almost every video. You just need to search the song or movie in the top search bar and a list of options will be in front of you. Vidmate is the absolutely free app and you don’t have to pay anything for the downloads. It is a huge platform with a simple yet elegant interface. You must check it out.

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Vidmate 3.77

VidMateVidmate is an app that allows it’s users to download their desired online videos so they can watch it anywhere and anytime. This app saves a lot of time, you also don’t need to have internet connection everytime you want to watch your desired videos. The app allows you to download video from Dailymotion to even YouTube. What else do we need in an app? The app has a virtual library where all the downloaded videos get saved making it easier to find. The app also allows you to download TV series, music videos and songs. You can even download HD quality video to your Android phones with this app.

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