Vidmate v17.9.1


Are you waiting to watch a picture of your choice but you have got no place where you can exactly watch what you wanted? Well don’t worry as we are here with a solution for each and everyone of you who owns an android device. If you’re thinking why we have discussed android device, then it is regarding an application that only works with android devices. If you’re waiting for watching a video, then all you need is an android device and you are ready to go. The app will help you in watching videos for free of cost and you can really carry this application anywhere you go. The app is lightweight and you can anyway use it even if your internet is slow. You do not need 5G or 4G speed as even in 2G it was pretty well. Talking more about the application, there are loads of things that you must know before downloading it. So let us know more about application by tapping on continue reading. Continue reading “Vidmate v17.9.1”

Vidmate v17.8.9


Do you want to watch all those videos that you are waiting to watch for a long time? Then you do not need to wait anymore as we are going to share an application which will help you in this for sure. Vidmate is the app that we are discussing here. This is a third party streaming application which will let the user watch all their favourite videos without spending any money. Be it watching your favourite video online or having it in your device and watching it offline, this app will do exactly whatever you ask. If you wish to have this app, then you need to know that you cannot download it from your android device App Store. You need to download it from the APK file that we are going to share here and you can trace the file as it is the official website link. Continue reading “Vidmate v17.8.9”

Vidmate v17.8.8

Do you want to download the application Vidmate on your device but you’re not very sure about how it works? Then today, we are going to brief you about the application and will tell you about how you can use this easy to use application for watching your favourite videos online. It is a streaming application that is only available for android users and via which you can watch anything and literally anywhere within it. You do not need to pay anything for this app as it is a free of cost application available for only android users so if you are an iOS user please excuse us. However, the application is trying to make a version available for the iOS users as well. Although there is no web version available you can only download the application for streaming the favourite videos on your device for free. To know more let us know the features of the app. Continue reading “Vidmate v17.8.8”

Vidmate v17.8.7


 Do you want to talk about the best application ever? If yes, then we need to discuss the best application ever that is Vidmate for watching videos. With the help of this application you can also watch all the videos for free of cost are you can even download them on your device. You do not need to go anywhere else if you have this application as it is a one-stop solution for all your requirements. Talking more about the application the best part is the UI of the application which makes it very smooth and perfect for anyone to stream which is online for free. Let us not discuss more about the application in detail and for that we need to know about the features. Continue reading “Vidmate v17.8.7”

Vidmate v17.8.6

Want to watch videos of your choice? If yes, then please download this amazing app Vidmate. This app allows you to watch with you for free of cost and other than that you can also share videos to your friends and loved ones. Be it downloading your favourite video or watching it online you can do everything in this application easily. If you’re interested to know more about the application, then we are here to help you out. Let us know more about the app and how it work. We are going to share the list of features so that you can understand more about the application in details. Continue reading “Vidmate v17.8.6”

Vidmate v17.8.5


VidMateThere are so many videos available in the world that watching them all will be a great thing but almost next to impossible. However, you do not have to go through all those applications for using anything that you wish to or to watch a video of your choice. You can simply download one such app that can make you watch all the contents that you always wanted to.  And here, we are going to discuss the same app to everyone. The app we are talking about is Vidmate and you can easily download the app in no time. You do not need to worry about anything as the app is completely free of cost and can be used for streaming videos of your choice. You just have to click on the app once and you can start streaming the videos. Continue reading “Vidmate v17.8.5”

Vidmate v17.8.3


VidMateWant to watch a video for free of cost? If yes, then you need to download this easy-to-use app called Vidmate. This app will only take a minute for you to download it and to use the app, you do not need to be a professional. It is very easy for anyone to use this application. Moreover, you do not need to go anywhere if you want to use Vidmate as the app has more than 1000 videos available in it. You can easily download any of the videos and watch them for free of cost. Yes, it is easy and can be done in few clicks only. Talking about the app, you do not have to worry about paying for the same as the app is completely free of cost and you do not need to spend anything if you are planning to use this app. Yes, there are so many much more benefits of using Vidmate. Continue reading “Vidmate v17.8.3”

Vidmate v17.8.2


VidMateWaiting to watch the videos so that you can enjoy without feeling anything? Well, we have got you and that’s why we have come up with this app called Vidmate. Vidmate is an application where watching videos are allowed. You can watch as many videos as you wish to with the help of this app and enjoy. It has got many videos available in it so you will never have to watch old videos. Also, there are more than 10,000 videos available for everyone to download so downloading these videos will be very easy for everyone. Let us now discuss more about the app here- Continue reading “Vidmate v17.8.2”