Vidmate v11.0.27

VidMateIf you want to download the audios or videos from any website and you are not able to download them, then you should take help of the vidmate app. Using this app you would be able to download the videos from Facebook, Daily motion, etc. It will also allow to download Audios from different websites. This app is available for the android platform only, so the other platform users wouldn’t be able to use it in their device. The application has a simple and easy interface which lets you use it easily. Any new user can therefore easily understand the app.

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Vidmate v11.0.26

VidMateVidmate is an android application which helps you in downloading all your favourite videos in your device which you can watch ofline later. The app is a popular app because through it you can download teh audios and videos from any website. EVen if you need to download from Facebook, you would be able to do using this app. Also, the application asks you to choose the resolution size you would like to get in your device.

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Vidmate v11.0.25

VidMateVidmate is an application where you can stream or download the videos from any website. All you need to have this app and all the downloads will be available for you. The application supports a lot of websites such as daily motion and facebook from where it gets easy to download videos. You can use this app for the android platform only so there is no other supported platform. The app lets you choose resolution of the videos you want to download in your device. The application can be used without paying any fees.

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Vidmate v11.0.24

VidMateVidmate is the application through which you can download the audios and videos in your device and get your favourite collection offline.  It lets you browse any website and it will allow you to download the videos and audios of that website. Also, it will ask you to choose the resolution of the video you would like to download in your device and ofcourse which supports your device. The application has a simple and easy  interface to understand aand use it. This application is available for android platform only so no  other platform based devices will support it.

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Vidmate v11.0.23

VidMateVidmate application is an app through which downloading your favourite videos have became easier. This app would help you in downloading them from any popular website. The application is available for free of cost so you would not need to spend anything. The application is for android platform only so you wouldn’t be able to download it in any other device. his app supports Live TV channel streaming as well. You can watch any news channel or The app also lets you stream videos in it. Continue reading “Vidmate v11.0.23”

Vidmate v11.0.22

VidMateVidmate is an app which would allow you to download any audio or video from any website. You can just download the app and all the download option would be available for you. It supports popular websites like Facebook and dailymotion from where you can easily download the videos. The application is available for android platform only, that’s why only android devices can have this app downloaded. It would always ask you to choose the resolution of the video before downloading them in your device. The application can be used without paying any fees.

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Vidmate v11.0.19

VidMateLooking forward to give yourself some relief from all day long work and loads of stress? Then you need to keep your phone in your hand and instead of those regular apps, simply open the app called Vidmate. You can watch videos in that app for sure. There are so many videos these days which are mix of everything. Some are tutorials of tech, some are make up videos, some are mimic videos and some are just random videos. You can choose the video of your choice which you want to watch but if you download this app Vidmate, then no matter if it is a celebrity video, movie video, show video, song video, or even the instagram story video, you can watch all the videos without any issue. No matter which video are you watching, you can watch it for totally free of cost on the app Vidmate. Now let us read the features of the app here-

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Vidmate v11.0.18

VidMateVidmate is an downloading platform where users can download any video they want. The best thing about this app is that it lets you download videos from any website be it Facebook or daily motion. Vidmate is an application through which downloading videos and saving them offline is now possible. The app is usable for free which means the users of this app are not required to pay anything to use this app. The app would not ask any premium subscription. This app is available for android devices only and therefore cannot be downloaded in other devices.

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