Vidmate v4.9.7

VidMateVidmate is one of the best applications which enables to download videos from most of the video hosting websites. It is proved to be a wide spread and popular video downloading system available for Android and Windows. Here people can watch and download videos from the popular video hosting sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They get high quality videos and music on the web domain using this specified app on their device. Moreover, Vidmate has streamlined features that can help users to search for videos according to their choices. It gives an amazing experience of watching videos online and offline. This application is basically specialised with remarkable download speed making the experience quite faster. One can easily use this app to get unlimited videos due to its innumerable and filtered video features.

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Vidmate v4.9.6

VidMateVidmate is one of the most preferable application that user can trust on quality and ease of use. It is the best free app used for windows and android, mostly to download videos, movies, and audios from different sources. User can also access to view all live TV shows and channels one can download several other things in the background of this app without facing any struggle. No matter, if user is operating on 2G or 3G, Vidmate always provide free and fast downloading speed on user’s handheld. Customers of Vidmate will always get an updated version of the application launched by developers time to time. It is an app that provides uninterrupted supply of fun and entertainment via unlimited movie genre option. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.9.6”

Vidmate v4.9.3

VidMateLooking to watch videos online? If yes, then here is the app you can use called VidMate. It is the app through which one can watch different videos as much as they want. It is indeed a great app for both kids and adults where all of them can watch videos and stream it online. If you are someone who does not want to watch videos from different websites by streaming them separately, it is the one for you which one can use for sure easily. It will allow you to watch all the videos together without streaming different websites. Now let us read the features of the app. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.9.3”

Vidmate v4.9.1

VidMateAs the now days the culture of putting up videos for almost everything is increasing it becomes very important to have a software which enables us to download these videos from any platform possible so that one does not have to stream the video if they want to watch it a multiple number of times. So vidmate does exactly the same job providing users with an option to download videos and songs from online services such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Metacafe, Vine, Tumblr etc to their smart phones or pc.

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Vidmate v4.9.0

VidMateVidmate is one of the best current application which will allow you to download videos and as well as mp3 songs from a different source like YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Vine, and other similar multimedia sources. It is not an Indian application. It was developed by UCWeb which is belongs to the Alibaba group so basically, it is a Chinese app. It is absolutely free Application and it is available on PC (supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10).

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Vidmate v4.8.9

VidMateWhen people watch a video, they would like to capture and download it in their own devices, to view it over and over whenever they wish. Instead of a long process of downloading and converting it into a format that would finally be watchable on your system, now there is an app called VidMate that would do that for the user in one go. VidMate is an application designed specially to download videos from websites like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine etc. This makes VidMate popular amongst those who want to download specific videos of their choice; it is also not a complex app. Its features are: Continue reading “Vidmate v4.8.9”

Vidmate v4.6.9

VidMateDownloading videos from video hosting websites was never an easy mission for users. But with the growing technology and innumerable features, Vidmate proved to be a wide spread and popular video downloading system available for Android and Windows. This app let the users download videos from a collection of entertaining websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other hosting sites. Furthermore, Vidmate has streamlined features that can help users to find preferred videos based on their searches and provides amazing experiences. One can download several videos simultaneously using internet connection without affecting the downloading speed so that he/she can enjoy offline services. Vidmate is a perfect app for smartphone users who prefer watching videos from various sources whether it is online or offline. This app is specialized with remarkable download speed making the experience quite faster. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.6.9”

Vidmate v4.6.8

VidMateVidmate is an application which is best known application for the users which provides a platform which can download videos and songs at any time, the app is very easy to use for the users being in their convenience. Vidmate is a powerful Android app for smartphones users to download basically any type of videos in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You will be able to download the app in high definition mode of multimedia. Not only downloads but you will be able to watch live TV programs like sports for free. You can choose any high quality video songs and movies which you prefer to watch, not only movies but you have an option to download songs through this app.

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Vidmate v4.6.7

VidMateVidmate is an application service with which we can stream various platform’s videos on the device. Moreover, the application is popular for the service of providing a download option for the video streaming platforms. The application lets you download the videos even from the websites like YouTube which do not have any download feature for videos. However, Vidmate gives you this option and you can download all your favourite videos in just one click. This lets you to watch your videos later whenever you want to watch them. The application is available for free of cost and also doesn’t possess any kind of premium feature.

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Vidmate v4.6.5

VidMateVidmate is one of the best Android app downloaded by 500 millions of people used for downloading videos from any entertainment websites like Facebook and YouTube. Users can download high quality videos and music on the web domain using this specified app. Vidmate is an easy to get app for Android
users but it can also connect with PC. Download options for different genre movies, HD videos and live TV shows on Android device are the main eye-catcher for users. One can use this app to get videos without any hassle due to its innumerable video feature.

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