Download VidMate Old Version for Android

VidMateVidMate is an entertainment app designed for android devices but now it is available for all sorts of devices and it lets you stream all sorts of premium media content on your phone for free. You can stream movies, TV shows and even Twitch videos using VidMate on your device. The best part about using VidMate is that you don’t have to pay a dime to start streaming media content, there is no subscription fee and the app is free as well.

VidMate allows you to download the movies, TV shows and other media files that you stream on your device using the app. You can download and stream media files from all sorts of sources such as Twitch, Daily Motion etc and also download them on your phone and the app has almost zero down time like similar apps so you never have to wait around when you want to stream some videos or movie on your phone using this app. If you have an older android device then there is no problem because we can provide APK’s for older version of android which will work fine with their respective version of android.

Almost all the VidMate APK’s are backward compatible with the previous generation of android but for some reason you are unable to use the VidMate app on your phone because you have an older version of android then just follow the quick guide below to download the version of the app which will work for you.

Download VidMate Old Version for Android

  • Download VidMate
  • Choose your version of Android that you have on your smart phone
  • Wait for the APK to complete downloading.
  • Locate the downloaded apk file and install it on your phone.
  • Run VidMate on your phone and start streaming movies and TV shows for free!

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