Vidmate v6.2.09

VidMateVidmate is android based application which supports videos and any other multimedia download from various websites available on internet. At times, some videos cannot be downloaded directly from the websites like Facebook, Instagram, vines, etc. But with the help of this app, whatever audio you require to download can be downloaded exclusively. Continue reading “Vidmate v6.2.09”

Vidmate v6.2.7

VidMateLooking to watch the videos online but you don’t have a big phone where you can download different apps? Well, this is the problem most of the people face because all of them can not have a phone with a big memory. Some of them have to manage in little less and they are doing it. But why not to watch the videos because of this? You still can watch the videos you want no matter what. How? By just downloading the app Vidmate. It is the app where you can find different videos of different apps and all of them can be watched online. So if you want to watch any video, you can simply download Vidmate because it does not contain a lot of space and you can easily download it too. The app is the best app for sure. So let us see how to download it. But before that, read the features. Continue reading “Vidmate v6.2.7”

Vidmate v6.2.1

VidMateThere are many videos streaming apps available in the app. You can watch any video at any time without paying for it. But yes, there are so many apps available because of which confusion is the main thing as you don’t know which app to download and which not. There are so many apps available and today let us talk about the app which consists of all the videos of different apps. The video we are talking about will be of different video streaming sites and you can download them for free of cost and watch them and share them too through the Vidmate app. Now before we waste any time, let us read the features of the app. Continue reading “Vidmate v6.2.1”

Vidmate v6.1.9

VidMateMake your home time your own space to see whatever movies, videos, of any stream to play with high definition clarity resolution by just a video downloading app called Vidmate. Vidmate is a video downloading app where the videos of field you like. You can download an uncountable number of videos with exciting high speed without any delay. Vidmate has one of the largest database where you can find any video you wish wheatear it on facebook, Instagram, youtube or from whichever site you like. May it be any language, any field, any genre around the clock for unlimited time, for infinite number of Videos in high definition quality and with amazing great speed of data. It searches on thousand other web sites to just search for your video. Romantic, comedy, horror, suspense anything Vidmate is there
for you to find whichever kind of video you wish.

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Vidmate v6.1.8

VidMateVidmate is an app with which you can download all your favourite video from YouTube and enjoy them later. The app is available for free of cost, so there would be no hidden cost and everything will be available for you for free. The app not only download videos from YouTube but also lets you download videos from other websites like daily motion. Another great thing about app is that you are not limited to videos only. You would be able to download audios as well in your device from different websites. The app is easy to use.

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Vidmate v6.1.7

VidMateVidmate app is for those who love watching videos on their device. The app is simply a streaming app which lets you stream the video of every type. All you would have to do is to download the app and you would be able to use to stream. The app is available for free of cost so nobody would need to pay for the app or any of its features. The users can also stream the Live TV channels on the app whenever they want. The app is easy to use and install in your device so there would be no difficulty in using it.

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Vidmate v6.1.6

VidMateThere are many apps available online for watching videos and films but all of them are different and that is the reason why most of the people are not sure with which app to download. There are multiple apps available in the market and you can not choose one at all. So without wasting the time, why not to talk about the app which will make you watch all the videos in one app? The app we are talking about here is called Vidmate and it is one of the best apps to watch the videos as you can see multiple videos in the app from multiple websites and apps. You can simply download the app and use it. If you want to download a video which you can not download from the main app, you can download it from Vidmate. Now let us see how to use the app. Continue reading “Vidmate v6.1.6”

Vidmate v6.1.4

VidMateIf you like watching the videos, there are so many videos available in the market. And watching videos can be done by using those apps and websites where the videos are being uploaded. But it is a tough thing to download and watch the videos from different websites. It takes a lot of time.  So if you don’t want to waste the time, you can simply download the app called Vidmate where watching videos are very easy. For this, you just need to click on the given button and download the app but that is a long thing to do. The app is quite an easy app but still you need to understand the features of the app before using it. You can download the app and use it for watching the videos online. There are so many videos available and all of them can be watched in this app. You can also download the videos so that you can watch them later too. Now let us read more about the app- Continue reading “Vidmate v6.1.4”

Vidmate v6.1.0

VidMateVidmate is an app providing you access to the download feature for the various websites that do not really provide downloading access to the users.  The Vidmate app lets you download the videos which you have always wanted to download from Daily motion or YouTube. The app lets you download the audios as well especially from SoundCloud. The quality of download will be as per your device compatibility and preference.

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Vidmate v6.0.9

VidMateIf you are the one waiting for the app which will show you different videos in one app, then you have landed on the right place because today we are going to share the same. Today we are going to talk about the same. Since we all are on the same page, we would like to tell you that the app has been found and now we all can watch the videos without wasting time at all.  But for this, you need to go through the article and read about it as the app Vidmate is going to be our app where we can watch all the videos for free of cost at one place and for downloading the app, you need to find the link given here. So let’s read- Continue reading “Vidmate v6.0.9”