VidMate v3.18

VidMateDownloading your old school times cartoon or watching your favorite Live TV show that is happening right now. People are today following all the trends that are happening on the internet and want to be a part of them. The content they are looking at is coming from different sources and different platforms. You may find a video that is trending on the Facebook and video songs that you play on Youtube. How to watch all this within one app and not scroll through a different set of application. Yes, you heard it right, you can do all this in a single app. Continue reading “VidMate v3.18”

VidMate v3.17

VidMateDownloading your videos for the mobile device is always a complex problem for the users because there is much application which complex steps, annoying ads and confusing options to download a single file from the internet. You can solve this option by opting for the best available Internet downloader in the market.

The app that we are introducing to you today in a great tool for downloading and watching videos on the internet. Most of the time, when you download the file like videos on the internet you end up with a failed download or server may stop responding to the request or stop in the middle. You need an app which can easily handle all the request for enabling the users to watch an anything you watch on the devices. Continue reading “VidMate v3.17”

VidMate v3.16

VidMateVidMate is a great app for downloading videos for the mobile from a different website which doesn’t have the native download support. So for this website, the user needs to use a third-party service that allows you to download the videos from it.
There are lots of apps that are providing this functionality and the important thing is that not all the apps provide the rich experience to get the things done.

VidMate is all in one video experience app which brings you the ability to download video, watch Live TV streaming and then watch your favorite TV show and movies. Continue reading “VidMate v3.16”

VidMate v3.15

VidMatePeople today are downloading tons of content from their online world because due to the trend of the Internet boom, the reach of the mobile device and internet usage had a exponential growth. This means many people are coming online every new day and explore this vast internet place. And so are the need for apps to solve their problems too. One such problem that exists in the current ecosystem is downloading.
Because out of 10 downloads a user makes few fails, it’s can be either a server issue, for a mobile issue or internet connection one. At these times the users get very frustrated because, they have waited for their time and data for the download to finish, it usually happens for video content. Continue reading “VidMate v3.15”

VidMate v3.14

VidMateThe downloading high-quality video is always a greater problem for user, you need to have a stable connection, a program that manages the process and provides an ability to improve the ability of the download.
Then there is a new to need to get the downloader for videos for consuming the entertainment in the space. There are many videos downloading an application that is available in the internet space, each solves one type of issue. The ultimate app is VidMate.

Continue reading “VidMate v3.14”

VidMate v3.13

VidMateWe love to watch our videos songs and other video clips some time repeatedly because we like it and enjoy it playing in the loop. Mostly all the songs and movie clips will be available in the Internet’s large video streaming sites, but playing things repeatedly will cause wastage of mobile data and if there is no mobile data, you will miss the videos during those times. Continue reading “VidMate v3.13”

Vidmate v3.12

VidMatePeople love to watch TV shows, video and when this comes handy when there is no stop in the way people consume the app. Today there are many apps in this marketplace for this kind of tasks. Today we have one of such app which is a master of all.
That is nothing but VidMate. VidMate is a great app that has all the things for watching and downloading the online videos. You can easily get all the video content on the mobile device with this app and there is no need for other apps in your mobile for it. Continue reading “Vidmate v3.12”

Vidmate v3.11

VidMateThere are many video platforms available today and many creators are pushing their works to a new platform and it keeps growing every day. Mostly all these video platforms have the content available in online-only mode, so there is a need for the application to have an active internet connection to watch these videos. Continue reading “Vidmate v3.11”

Vidmate v3.08

VidMateVidmate v3.08 is an amalgam of audio and video downloaders. It allows its users to download popular videos from sources like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Apart from using it as a downloader, you can also use this app as the main app for enjoying both videos and songs. In this post, we will first talk about the features of the app and then we will move to its downloading procedure.

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