Vidmate v3.90

VidMateHow often do you watch videos? Well, most of us nowadays only watch videos instead of reading as we find watching more interesting and easy. In fact, if you watch something, you will get it for a longer period of time and you will not forget the concept as compared to if you read an article. And the more we like watching, more we like downloading them and sharing with our friends and family. But how? There are many apps where you can not download the video or can do but is not easy to download or you may get some unwanted technical issue due to which you can not download. But there is an app through which you can download the videos no matter what site it is. You just have to download the app we are talking about in your device. The app is called Vidmate and the specialty of the app is that you can watch all the videos of different websites in one place also. You just have to download and watch. You can also do live streaming of channels as well.  Continue reading “Vidmate v3.90”

Vidmate 3.73

VidMateWe all like watching videos. And yes, they are entertaining. But when we like some video, we feel like to share it with our friends or family or someone else. But in some sites, we are not able to do so. Yes, that sucks.  Liking some video and not being able to download and send it to someone is a mess. But that can be fixed through an app which comes for free of cost. Want to know how? Just continue reading this article and you will not only get to know about the app but features and how to download it. You can use an app named Vidmate which will let you download all the video for free of cost. And not only from one or two or some limited amount of sites but all the sites. Yes, you can download the videos from every site you use without even paying for it. You must know that some are the sites where you don’t have the permission and some are those where you often get difficulty to download a video. But Vidmate will keep you updated with all the videos for free of cost. From any site, you can watch the video and download it too. Continue reading “Vidmate 3.73”

VidMate v3.19

VidMateYou ever heard of watching the favorite TV Show and movie but failed because you are away from the TV and couldn’t stay awake. For all these reasons, you will need to find a solution to get these watched. One way to search the internet for the streaming site and then watch it. Else download the video to the local and then watch. But all these things require the user to either have the app installed on the device but sometimes it’s more than one app.

So today we have found a very useful application which bundles over all these things into a single app and lets a user download and enjoys the content on it. Continue reading “VidMate v3.19”