Vidmate v3.47

VidMateVidmate is an android application of gene .apk file type which is best and million times downloaded mobile application. As we are aware that the official video streaming sites won’t allowd downloads due to inner source code embeddedness which includes Youtube, Dailymotion etc., But in-order-to make this process easier vidmate allows downloads from all official video streaming sites with just a click. Since vidmate is an apk application android only allows it to function in android devices. It is well known for its agility of response in all network conditions.

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Vidmate v3.46

VidMateVidmate is the best downloaded application from which we can download numerous videos from the official sites of you tube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Metacafe and other multimedia portals. With less background application data vidmate works efficiently and purposefully to satisfy user to the peak extents. Vidmate app is inculcated with different multipurpose services for user friendly operation. 

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VidMate v3.45

VidMateVidmate is one of the most known and powerful video downloaders. It has become very difficult to find an application that helps us in downloading any video we want. You can easily download videos in any format you want as it supports almost all formats that are available. Vidmate is a great application that lets you see and download accordingly, it is a large platform from where you can download from many different varieties, it contains almost every video you want. With it you can also download video from Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion and many other sites like this. Vidmate allows you to adjust the quality of the video, it offers both high quality as well as low-quality videos so can select them as per your need. And also any time we are not able to download a particular video on YouTube because of its restrictions, Vidmate gives you full authority to download those restricted videos that is what people love about Vidmate. Giving you the best feature and quality Vidmate is amongst the Top video downloader that fulfills all your expectations from a video downloader.

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Vidmate v3.44

VidMateYou might have wondered to download Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblar, etc. This can be done easily through an android application known as Vidmate. Using Vidmate for Android, video clips from Facebook, DailyMotion, Soundcloud, Instagram and others can be downloaded easily. Vidmate version of PC is very useful to download movies and update series in HD format. You can also watch live TV through that. It is also very reliable to download songs and music videos. Not only hollywood and bollywood, but contents from other industries are also found at this site.

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Vidmate v3.43

VidMateDo you like watching online videos and also want to share it with your friends but couldn’t because the site on which you are watching the video does not give permission for downloading? Well, it is the most common problem with many of the online users. Whenever they find something good, they want to share it with others and since it is not allowed, they end up ruining the mood. But not anymore. Yes, if you want to download the online videos without going illegal, you need to download the app called VidMate. Be it Vimeo, Soundcloud, Vine, Instagram, YouTube, FunnyorDie or any other platform, you can download the videos without any issue. Now since the app does not modify anything in your device, it does not contain malware and will also not harm your phone. In fact, it is the most useful ans safest app to download the videos online.

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Vidmate v3.38

VidMateVidMate is an app through which you can download and stream the online movies, music, audio and videos in platforms like YouTube, Instagram,Twitter and etc. You can download the videos from such platforms also. Yes, even if the platform does not permit you to do so, you can still download it through this app. It is very reliable and easy app to use. The good part is that it is 100% free app.

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Vidmate v3.37

VidMateDeveloped by Vidmate Studio, Vidmate is an application that allows users to download media files and the options are not limited to video files. Vidmate also allows the user to download audio files to their gadget. Vidmate is compatible with mutliple online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitter etc. and gives user the flexibility to browse through as many as 200 channels and download quality content for free.

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