Vidmate v6.6.9

VidMateAre you looking for an app where you can watch different videos? The answer has to be yes because you really can’t get a better deal than this. So let us talk about the best app here called Vidmate through which you can download any video and watch them for free. Continue reading “Vidmate v6.6.9”

Vidmate v6.6.7

VidMateVidmate application has provided us a gift by enabling us to download the videos of YouTube and facebook. The application easily lets you download the licensed videos without any problem. The application has the ability to let you download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Daily Motion and many other platforms that do not let you download videos directly. You would have to just get this app for your device. It is not available for all platforms, it is available only for android. Thus not all can enjoy this app. The application is totally free which means you can use the app freely without worrying about any  subscription fee.

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Vidmate v6.6.5

VidMateYou can download the app Vidmate if you want to watch videos online but before you download it, let us know about the app and in our article, you will not just read about the app but also will get the download link of the apk file. So let’s begin.

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Vidmate v6.6.1

VidMateThere are many apps available in the market which are best for watching videos. But if you download all the apps, don’t you think you will be getting a difficult time using your phone which will not have any space and hence, it will be totally occupied and start hanging? The main issues comes in phone is that they stuck a lot and the reason they stuck is that you do not simply care about the phone and starts downloading different apps which might harm the phone and make it slow and takes too much space too. But do you think there is an other way out for that? Well, of course there is. The app Vidmate can be your help because if you download this app, you won’t get issues you are getting till now. The app is not just smaller in size but keeps a large collection of different videos from different websites. So yes, it will be the best deal for you if you use this app. Continue reading “Vidmate v6.6.1”

Vidmate v6.5.9

VidMateVidmate is an app that you should get now if you want to watch your favourite videos offline. The application allows you to download videos from various websites which may include YouTube, facebook, Daily Motion etc. All these video streaming platforms allow you to stream videos but do not let you download it in your device. You would just have to get Vidmate and you would get the optionto download videos from all these platforms. The application is available only for android devices and for now it does not support any other platform.

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Vidmate v6.5.8

VidMateDo you like watching videos online? If yes, then the app you should be using is Vidmate which is the best app for sure. If you want to use the app, then this article is for you where we are helping you in detailed and you can easily use the app and watch as many videos as you want. If you think this can be your help, then yes you are right because we are going to help you totally here from giving the link to everything else, we are going to provide everything here. So the app Vidmate is basically free of cost and you can easily download the app by using our link. If you want to know how to use the app, then see our guide here where you will be able to use the app. You can use the app and easily watch videos from different video streaming websites and not that but also you can avail different features like sharing the videos too.  Continue reading “Vidmate v6.5.8”

Vidmate v6.5.7

VidMateVidmate application is made for those who like downloading videos from various platforms. The application lets you download videos from Facebook, Daily Motion and even YouTube. Many other websites are there from where you can download the videos. The application always provides you the choice of resolution size before you download videos. The vidmate application supports only android devices, so if you are using any other platform, unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to download this application in your device. The Vidmate app has easy interface which lets you use the app without any tension. There are no technical glitches in the app.

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Vidmate v6.5.6

VidMateVidmate is an application with the help of which you can download the videos in your device. You might be thinking what’s new and special in that? Yes, it is special as the app lets you download the videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook etc. Such websites do not let you download the videos and also does not have any download button on the website. You can download videos using vidmate easily from these sites and enjoy. The application is available for free of cost. You can use the application easily without any hassle.

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Vidmate v6.5.4

VidMateWant to get the YouTube videos in your device which you can watch later? Get the Vidmate application and start downloading all your favourite videos in your devcie. The application lets you download all the videos from the YouTube. The application doesn’t only support YouTube for downloading but also lets you download from various other websites. It also lets you download the audios in your device from sites like SoundCloud. The application is available for free of cost and thus no need to spend any money to get this app in your device.

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