Vidmate v5.0.47

VidMateWe are bored while traveling. We have a lot of free time while transporting and in the era of smartphones, we have to do something to keep ourselves busy or we will get bored and frustrated. If you want to prevent facing such situation then install Vidmate on your device. Vidmate is an awesome video downloading and streaming app with which you can download any video streams from the Web. Vidmate gives you access to unlimited videos on your smartphones and devices. If you are still not convinced, hop on to the features section and judge for yourself.

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Vidmate v5.0.46

VidMateIn the social platform downloading favourite videos is quite a difficult job to do by users. Vidmate provides an offer to get various online videos from different video hosting platform like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. It is the most popular option that stands in the queue of Android application market to assist users to download several videos and movies and give the opportunity to watch live shows over 2000 channels world-wide. Vidmate has proved to be a wide-spread and prevalent video downloading system available for Android and Windows users and currently has more than 500 millions of consumers across the globe. This outstanding system delivers its best services to bring high quality music and videos on the web domain and also able to download apps and games simultaneously just in a single application.

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Vidmate v5.0.45

VidMateWhile surfing any social media app ever liked a video and wanted it in your device gallery, but could not download it? No problem here is an app named Vidmate, which is best known application currently available for downloading videos, songs from online services and social media apps, such as: Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Metacafe and many other tons of multimedia portals.

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Vidmate v5.0.44

VidMateVidmate is a web crawling application that constantly searches for movies and shows to entertain its users at any point of time by providing best and finest movie/shows on their devices. Users on Vidmate is able to watch and download HD series, movies, videos, YouTube videos and live TV shows for free. It serves the best to get popular among masses and people can definitely have amazing experience after downloading this application on their devices. It searches different websites to bring variety of movies and shows in the list. Vidmate delivers perfect features that one can surely admire after getting into the application. They undoubtedly get maximum benefits from Vidmate as it keeps one amused by their unique features that support to watch favored movies and videos in their own languages and in different genres online or offline.

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Vidmate v5.0.39

VidMateKilling one’s own time in amusing medias are considered to be the best moments in life and people are constantly on the need of accessing videos and songs to pace on free period. The best freeware song and video downloader for PC and smartphone is Vidmate, which gives access to tons of media portals and download free from Daily Motion, Vime, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Facebook, Funny or Die, Tumblr, Metacafe etc. Users can select the quality of video content from HD to lower, compromising the memory storage. Also, songs can be downloaded from any of the 20 default platforms and save audio and video tracks separately and Vidmate gives access to other Android downloading apps and games. It supports unlimited download from every genre and so, 24/7 download of favourite TV show and movies across the globe. This 8.3 MB sized application is developed
by Vidmate studio and supported in Android 4.3+ platforms. The package is available on com.nemo.vidmate.

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Vidmate v5.0.38

VidMateVidmate is a powerful application that can make users fan by providing its best service to watch and download HD series, movies, videos, YouTube videos and live TV shows for free. Vidmate gives a user an amazing experience of watching movies as it constantly crawls for webs to get finest movies in the list. This app is attracting people with its perfect features so that users can have maximum benefit after downloading it from the official website. Vidmate is undoubtedly a fascinating app that keeps one entertained by its unique features that assist to watch preferred movies and videos in their own
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Vidmate v5.0.34

VidMateVidmate is a powerful Android app designed to watch and download HD series, movies, videos, YouTube videos and live TV shows for free. It is an app which constantly crawls for webs to get amazing movies and videos. Users can get maximum benefits by using Vidmate on their respective device and it is also popular for its unique features that helps one to watch his/her preferred movies and videos in their own language. Based on their mode users can search different videos online and download them to watch offline. This app is specialized with remarkable download speed making the experience quite faster. It works on Android, Windows and collect videos from several video hosting websites to serve their best for the users. Continue reading “Vidmate v5.0.34”

Vidmate v5.0.31

VidMateVideos are the most important medium for promoting various activities, sharing knowledge, and mostly for communication. Videos uploaded on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms are licensed. The videos can be viewed online for free but cannot be downloaded officially. This is where Vidmate comes in. Vidmate is a mind-blowing app which lets the user download videos from various video sharing platforms. It also allows us to download music and movies in just a few minutes so that users can enjoy various content even if there is no internet connection. In fact the application occupies only 10-15 MB of your phone’s storage space and the speed of downloading the content is very fast. Vidmate is one of the most powerful and safest video downloading app out there and does not modify your device settings without your permission. Apart from downloading videos, Vidmate also streams content online.

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Vidmate v5.0.30

VidMateThe Vidmate is an Android application and is a free and a great video downloading tool preferred by most of the users. The app has high efficiency and a great downloading speed. The application is developed by the UC Web Limited which is a part of the Alibaba group. The high quality videos are downloaded from the Vidmate application. The app can connect to many famous sites in the world such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud and can download videos from them. It can connect more than 200 sites according to the developer. The user interface of app is customizable and easy to use. The Vidmate can also download the latest movies available from the movie category. The application is the best video downloading utility tool and is available in 48 languages.

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