Vidmate v6.5.3

VidMateThe Vidmate application is the one with which it has become possible to download the videos from various websites. You can download the application in your android device only. You cannot get this app in any other platform as it is not available for other platforms. The app allows the users to download the videos free of cost. The application is totally free and thus you would not have to subscribe any premium version. It is a popular app and is considered a sone of the best app in its class.

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Vidmate v6.5.2

VidMateVidmate is an android application which helps you to download videos. Mostly we watch videos of Facebook and YouTube, and these sites do not allow us to download videos. Vidmate is for this use. It allows you to download the videos in just one click. The application is android based thus only for the android devices. The app has an inbuilt search box with the help of which you would be able to search the videos on the app. You can simply type the name of the videos and search them. The app is absolutely free of cost for all its users.

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Vidmate v6.5.1

VidMateVidmate is a new way to download videos. All those videos which you wanted to download from YouTube or Facebook can be downloaded in your device now. All this is possible just because of the Vidmate app. This app not only supports YouTube and Facebook, but also supports several other websites from which it allows you to download the videos. The Videos you would download will be of HD quality so don’t worry of getting any quality issue. This app allows you to download the videos as per your preferred resolution.

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Vidmate v6.5.0

VidMateWant an app to watch videos? Get Vidmate app now. This application streams all type of videos you would like. You can just open the app and lot of options of videos will be available for stream. You can also watch TV channels on this app. Over 200 Live TV channels are available here. The application allows you to download the videos as well. The best thing about the application is that you would be able to download the videos from any website. It includes Youtube and Facebook too. The application is available for the android device only.

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Vidmate v6.4.9

VidMateVidmate app is the facility to download videos from different websites. This is an application that you can download in your device. You would be able to download the videos of any genre you want. You can use the app to download the videos from YouTube. The videos would be of HD quality so you would not need to face any quality issue. The app is available for free of cost. This does not have any premium version or features. The app can be downloaded in the android device only. Other platform users cannot have this app in their devices.

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Vidmate v6.4.5

VidMateLooking for an app which will let you watch the videos of different websites? People love watching different genre videos but the main issues happens with them is that they are not able to download different apps because their phone has a limited storage where only streaming apps can not be downloaded. And since there are so many apps available nowadays, you can’t really choose which one to download and which not. The main issue with the downloading apps are that all of the video streaming apps are pretty weighted with MB’s due to which one can not download it easily. Also, it will hang and the issue might damage your phone so you also can not risk it. But what if you still want to watch videos? Do you really need to open your laptop everytime you want to watch something and then watch? Not for sure. You can simply use the app called Vidmate which is free of cost and which will let you download the videos in it and the best thing is that you will be free to watch the different videos of the different website in this app for free of cost. Now let us read the features. Continue reading “Vidmate v6.4.5”

Vidmate v6.4.4

VidMateDon’t you want the solution to download the youtube videos in your device? The Vidmate is the app with which you can download the youtube or facebook videos easily in your device. Not only this, you would be able to download the audios from soundcloud type websites. All you need is vidmate app installed in your device and it will make your work easy. The app is available for android┬ádevices only. You wouldn’t need to pay anything for this app. The app is totally available for free of cost. Everytime you start a download it asks for the resolution size.

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Vidmate v6.4.3

VidMateVidmate app is the app that you would need definitely in your device if you love downloading videos from various websites. The application is specially designed to make users able to download the videos from YouTube or any other website which doesn’t allow direct download option on the website. This app is available for free of cost thus is in reach of all users. There are no premium features so no need to pay for any special feature. The app is available only for android devices. So, you would be only able to download the app in your android device.

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Vidmate v6.4.1

VidMateVidmate is a facility that helps you to get the videos from different platforms and play them offline. It is really difficult to download videos from sites like Daily motion and Youtube. Vidmate can help you in that and you will be able to smoothly download the videos from such sites. This app is available only for android devices so, the users having other platforms are not that lucky to get this app for now. The app is available for free of cost thus no user would need to pay anything for this app.

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Vidmate v6.4.0

VidMateVidmate is an android application which is used to download videos and audios directly from the site. Sometimes, we are unable to downloads our favourite videos from social media sites as they do not allow any downloading feature. But with the help of Vidmate app, this can be possible as it also converts video files to audio files.

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