Vidmate v5.0.28

VidMateA lot of us wish to have a huge collection of videos and music playlists, that we wish would be there with us all the time to help us beat boredom. Having this customized collection of yours, suiting according to your mood makes you a stronger solo traveller as there is always something to suit yourself or even when you are away from an internet connection. However, a lot of popular video – sharing websites don’t really offer a download or a saving option while you are away from the internet or are having a poor connection. Vidmate is a solution to all of this. It is an app that fulfills all of these requirements and will always be there to help you through your weariness. It is one of the most trending applications available for downloading videos and music from online entertainment services and other multimedia portals. Continue reading “Vidmate v5.0.28”

Vidmate v5.0.24

VidMateDo you like watching videos in your free time? If you are also the one who likes watching video, then here is the app which will be suitable for you for sure. The app we are talking about is VidMate. Now you must be thinking what does the app do and why am I sharing it with you people. So the app is something different than the other video streaming apps you are streaming since years. In this app, you will be able to see the different videos from the different apps and platform. You can watch all the videos for free of cost and you can also share it with your friends and family as well. The procedure of doing this is pretty easy. You just have to download the app and once you do it, you can start using it once you successfully download it. You can also create your playlist and list out the videos you like or else, you can either share the videos with your friends. If you wish to download the video, then you can do it too and the best part is that you can even download those videos which can not be downloaded through their app. Now let us see more about the app- Continue reading “Vidmate v5.0.24”

Vidmate v5.0.19

VidMateThe Vidmate is an application which is developed for the android and is a free and a great video downloader which the users prefer. The Vidmate app has high accuracy and download speed. The UC Web Limited has developed and launched the Vidmate application. The videos of any quality such as high, medium or low quality can be downloaded through Vidmate. Many famous sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud are connected in the Vidmate and it can download all the videos present over there, and it is also said that Vidmate can connect more than 200 sites. The user interface of the app is customizable and easy to use. The app also has the feature of downloading the movies where users can search the required movies. The Vidmate application is the most used video downloader in the world and is available in 48 languages.

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Vidmate v5.0.18

VidMateDo you want to save your time in watching videos but you can not do it because there are so many different websites to go and then you can watch the videos and every app or website takes time to load and hence your time get wasted but you can’t do anything about it. If that is also your case then we have a solution for you. What? We can simply download the app called VidMate which is not only a video watching app but you can stream different website’s video here.  It is indeed going to be one of the best app you can use because you don’t have to pay for the app and you will watch as many videos as you want including your Youtube and Instagram videos too. Now for this, you have to simply click and download the app so that you can download the videos and enjoy it in your free time. So let us proceed- Continue reading “Vidmate v5.0.18”

Vidmate v5.0.14

VidMateVidmate has been one of the most widespread choice for users to opt for where he/she can download and watch high quality videos from diverse web portals including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Nearly 200 channels are available online where users can discover and watch it live. Vidmate has proved to be that outstanding download platform for users readily available in Android and Windows. Previously, there hasn’t been any websites that could provide such an interesting prospect until Vidmate came into place. Vidmate has around 500 million users enjoying its benefits with unlimited downloads of high quality music and videos with the simultaneous download of apps and games. Continue reading “Vidmate v5.0.14”

Vidmate v5.0.12

VidMateThe Vidmate application is a free and powerful video downloading tool which is available for the android. The Vidmate was developed by the UC Web Limited. The application allows you to download the high quality or low quality. The app can download the videos from many famous sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud and other sites. The videos can also be downloaded into audio format using the Vidmate. The app has a neat and good organised interface which help the users to find the videos and download them easily. It also allows you to download the movies. There are a lot of movies present in the movie category of the Vidmate app. The Vidmate is not available in the Google Playstore but can be easily downloaded from its official site. The Vidmate app is the most used video downloading application in India. It is available in over 48 languages.

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Vidmate v5.0.11

VidMateDo you want to watch videos online? If yes, then you simply need to click on the given continue reading link so that you can go through whole article and decide whether you want to download it or not. Well, before you download it, we would like to tell you that today we are going to talk about the Vidmate app which is an app which would let you watch the different online videos of different websites on the same app. But the plus part is that you can save a lot of time of yours by watching the videos on one app instead of going to other app and you can also download these videos in order to watch them later and to share it with your friends and family as well. Yes, for that, you need to first download it and for downloading it, you should read the features first. So let us see- Continue reading “Vidmate v5.0.11”

Vidmate v5.0.9

VidMateThe vidmate application is regarded as one of the best applications for Android platform where the users can view, search, and even download videos and audios form various social platforms like Facebooks, YouTube, and other entertainment apps. Entertainment is one of the primary purposes why users browse on the web. Vidmate application helps to fulfil that purpose. Users can download all the music and files that they want to. Continue reading “Vidmate v5.0.9”

Vidmate v5.0.8

VidMateVidmate is one of the best application which enables to download videos from most of the video hosting websites like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. It is proved to be a wide spread and popular video downloading system available for Android and Windows. Users can download high quality music and videos on the web domain using this specified application. This app is specialized with remarkable downloading speed making the experience quite better and faster. Vidmate is the perfect app for Android users who love to watch videos whether it is online or offline. Continue reading “Vidmate v5.0.8”

Vidmate v5.0.4

VidMateVidmate is among the most popular option available in the market to assist users downloading various online videos from different video hosting websites like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Here user can also watch live TV shows on over 200 channels. Initially, it was not easy to download videos from video hosting websites but Vidmate has proved to be wide spread and popular video downloading system available for Android and Windows. It currently has 500 million of users world-wide. Users can download high-quality music and videos on the web domain and can also download apps and games simultaneously.

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