Vidmate v4.2.3

VidMateAre you looking for an app where you can watch the videos of every other website you use? If you are tired of using so many apps, then here is a solution for all these. All you need to do is to download the app called Vidmate. Vidmate is an app where you can watch the videos from different websites for free of cost. Be it your regular streaming apps or new ones, you can watch all the videos from all the sites for free of cost on this app only which will save a lot of time of yours. You just have to download the app for watching the videos and the app is also free of cost so you don’t need to worry about your budget. It will need the internet for running the app though. You can also download the videos you watch on the app and can also share it with your friends, family and loved ones for free. Apart from these two features, you can do a lot more like to save the video and watch them later or you can also stream the app online for Live channels. Now let us see how to download the app. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.2.3”

Vidmate v4.2.1

VidMateDo you watch videos often? If you watch videos, there is an app for you which might sound helpful and you can do a lot through the app. If you want to know about the app, here is the app we are talking about, Vidmate. It is a video streaming app through which you can stream different videos from different video streaming websites. Till now what you do is that you visit the website and watch the different videos separately. But now, you can do it all together. Yes, now you can watch the different videos in one app only. In Vidmate, everything is possible. You just have to download this app first and which you can do with our download link. You can also download the videos you watch and send it to your friends and family. In fact, the sites from where you can’t download the videos are allowed to download videos from. Vidmate is seriously a helpful app if you are serious about downloading the videos and watching it. Now let us see the features of the app along with the download procedure. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.2.1”

Vidmate v4.2.0

VidMateDo you watch videos? We all like watching it and all of us watch it through our phones because it is easy.  And when we like some video a lot, we also share it with our friends and family by sharing it. But since some of the sites are not for sharing the videos and they even don’t let you download them, it becomes tough for people to watch and share. But there is an app which will let you share the videos you watch and also you can download them to watch it in your free time, We are talking about Vidmate which a video streaming app. But it does not host the videos originally. It hosts the apps which makes the videos and shows it to us for free of cost. With this, it adds some good features like downloading and sharing the video too. It makes your video streaming experience better in all senses and you can finally download the videos. Since it is a third party app, you don’t have to get it from google play but we are providing the link of the app here. Let’s take a look. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.2.0”

Vidmate v4.1.9

VidMateWe all like watching videos because it is easy to watch and understand. Nowadays even if we miss the telecast of our favorite show, we watch it online and this is how our lives have become better and easier. But still there is one issue that we can not download the videos from some sites but to share it, we have to download them first or by doing that, we can also watch it and keep it forever also. But since the sites are not open for it, we can not do anything. But if we download an app Vidmate, this thing can be possible. It is a video streaming app where you can download the videos too. And the best part is that you can watch videos on different websites too. It is the best thing one can ever do. Through the help of this app, you can not only download the videos but share it with your friends and family as well. You can also stream online and if you want, you can bookmark the videos. It is free of cost and you can download it for free. Now let us learn about the features of Vidmate. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.1.9”

Vidmate v4.1.6

VidMateDon’t you want to download the videos you stream on YouTube or Daily motion? If yes, then get Vidmate app for your device now. It is an app that simply allows you to download those videos which you were not able to download before. This videos then can be watched later whenever you get free or want to watch. This will make it comfortable for you and you would not have to stream full video at the moment as now you can watch them with your convenience using Vidmate. It also hosts content on it, so if you are not willing to watch videos from regular sites, you may find some here to watch.

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Vidmate v4.1.5

VidMateDo you like watching videos? Do you? All of us like watching videos. And when we like it, we also share it with our friends, family, and people. But in many apps like Instagram and many others, downloading of any video is not allowed. Due to this, people are not able to share the videos with their friends and family which is an issue.  The other one issue is that it takes time to visit every site and watch the videos because there is no site where you can watch every video. There are different sites for different videos. But for this, there is an app called Vidmate which can let you stream videos from different sites and also will let you download them all for free of cost. Apart from letting it happen, it will also let you stream LIVE channel in the app and all of these things are for free of cost. You just need to download the app once and use all the features the app does. So now let us see how can we download this app. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.1.5”

Vidmate v4.1.2

VidMateWant to download videos from YouTube?? Try Vidmate. We all know that YouTube doesn’t have any download option for the videos. But all of us want to download them to watch them later. Now, fortunately, a solution is Vidmate. This app gives you all access to the videos of YouTube, allowing you to download them. Vidmate let’s you download them in the quality you want. Yes, this app gives you the option of choosing the quality of videos you want to download. Vidmate is a free app that has amazing features available for its users. Let’ now know more about it-

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Vidmate v4.1.0

VidMateFor watching videos online, you need to surf different video streaming apps which takes a lot of time.  But since in every site, the content of the video is different, we have to browse the apps to get all the content. But what can you do is to download Vidmate so you can then easily watch the videos from all the video streaming different apps in this app. Yes, all the apps’ videos will be seen here and it will be a good way to save time while watching the videos. One another reason for choosing Vidmate over other apps is that here you can download the videos actually regardless the fact that if the site allows you to do that or not. You can just download it. You can also stream the different languages videos in the app and also you can watch the live cricket match in this app. All over, it is the best app you can ever use because you can use this app and save the place of downloading various apps. Now read about its features. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.1.0”

Vidmate v4.0.8

VidMateBe it for watching videos for entertainment or for to learn something like hacks, cooking, wearing something or doing your hair, all of us watch videos. They are short, easy and best as it does not take much time. But some of the videos are not to be shared because the website does not support downloading the video and sharing it to your friends. But there is an app called Vidmate where sharing the video is just okay. Here in this app, you are not going to get the videos they are making. Instead, the videos you will see will be hosted by other websites. Here in this app, you will see the videos of other big video streaming sites and you can download them and watch them later as well. Apart from that, you can also share the videos with your friends and family no matter if the original site allows you to do that or not. You can also do live streaming of videos as well and the best part is that your time will be saved because you don’t have to visit multiple websites to watch videos from different apps. Continue reading “Vidmate v4.0.8”

Vidmate v4.0.7

VidMateVidmate is an app that has the feature to download videos from the websites which normally doesn’t allow us to do so. This app but easily let us download our favourite videos in few seconds. The app gives you amazing downloading speed and many other features. This app is easy to download and is compatible with all major platforms. Mostly we use Youtube or Dailymotion for watching various videos. But these have not included any option of downloading videos from their sites. This might have upset you many times. But it will never gonna happen again as you will now have Vidmate for this.

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